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Defenders of the Galaxy
Group Size 2-8 | Difficulty: Unknown | Time Limit: 60 min.

You are needed now!

As a team of intergalactic space defenders you are known to go from mission to mission stopping the evil plots before they can get out of hand. This time however the bad guys brought the fight to you! While stopping Rafanica from destroying another planet your ship was ravaged and the ships main power source stolen! It gets worse because the space pirates are on their way back and this time they want the whole ship. 
Luckily you have a backup power supply....somewhere. You will have 60 minutes to locate the backup power stone and get out of there!

FAQ for this game

I played games at the South Windsor Location, is this new?
This is a completely new game and story with all new puzzles. 

Who should play this? 
This is a family friendly experience. It has a good mix of simple and complex challenges. We built a very immersive environment that can be enjoyed by everyone. 

Is this game too hard?
We like to say all our games are challenging but not impossible. The way you can make a game easier or more difficult is determined by how many hints you ask for during the game.  

How many people should I bring?
Beginners we recommend a group size of 4-8 
Experienced groups we recommend 2-5.


Defenders of the Galaxy

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