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Critical Countdown
Group Size 2-10 | Difficulty: Unknown | Time Limit: 60 min.

The clock ticks. Can you stop what has already begun?

You are agents of the counter terrorism unit known as the Phoenix Initiative. Your team has intel that the Crimson Shadow has infiltrated a decommissioned Russian base, code named Red Medusa. Our intelligence indicates that they are targeting the base's remaining nuclear arsenal. Your mission is to secure the mainframe, regain control of the weapons system, and prevent a global catastrophe. The urgency cannot be overstated as we believe they are planning to launch a pre-emptive strike in the next hour. 

It is up to you. Good luck Phoenix Initiates

FAQ for this game

I played games at the South Windsor Location, is this new?
This is a completely new game and story with all new puzzles. 

Who should play this? 
This game was built for everyone. Beginners and Experts alike! Immersion is the number one focus of this game. The puzzles remain challenging but cleverly built into the set.  However, this is a newer game and we find that beginners may need to have larger groups to succeed at this game. 

Is this game too hard?
We like to say all our games are challenging but not impossible. The way you can make a game easier or more difficult is determined by how many hints you ask for during the game.  

How many people should I bring?
Beginners we recommend a group size of 4-10 
Experienced groups we recommend 4-6.
We are allowing groups of 2 at the moment,
but this game may be too difficult without additional teammates


Critical Countdown

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