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The Jungle Dimension
Group Size 2-5 | Difficulty Choice 6/10 - 7.5/10 | Time Limit: 60 min.

Dr. X has invented the ability to travel to alternative dimensions.

Through his research he uncovered a strange place that exists primarily in a jungle. Within, a game within a game.

He needs you to go in and recover a lost artifact known as a sphericon. But you will only have 1 hour to complete the job or you will be lost there forever.

Are you brave enough to conquer, The Jungle Dimension!

FAQ for The Jungle Dimension

Do I need to play the other games first?
There is no pre-requisite to play the other games. They are independent stories that link to Dr. X in some way

Who should play this? 
This game was built for everyone. Beginners and Experts alike! Immersion is the number one focus of this game. The puzzles remain challenging but cleverly built into the set. 

Is this game too hard?
We like to say all our games are challenging but not impossible. They way you can make a game easier of more difficult is determined by how many hints you ask for during the game.  

How many people should I bring?
Beginners we recommend a group size of 3-5. 
Experienced groups we recommend 2-4.

The Jungle DImension

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