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The Experiment


The Experiment

Group Size 3-10 | Difficulty Level: Phase 1, 6 out of 10. Phase 2, 9 out of 10 |

Price: RETIRE | Time Limit: 60 min.

Dr. X has NOT gathered enough Lab Assistants through his Interview process. Maybe he is too strict. He desperately needs help to finish his work and is currently accepting anyone daring enough to participate in an experiment without any experience. This Mad Scientist may have gone truly mad after all. Taking any random person off the streets to participate in an experiment?

FAQ for The Experiment

Do I need to play the other games first?

There is no pre-requisite to play the other games. They are independent stories that link to Dr. X in some way

Who should play this?
This game is designed with two Phases. Phase 1 is rated a 6 out of 10 difficulty level. If you complete Phase 1 you seamlessly continue to Phase 2 at a 9 out of 10 difficulty. 

Is this game too hard?
This game is designed to be challenging but not impossible and heavily relies on teamwork for success!

How many people should I bring?
Beginners we recommend a group size of 5-10. 
Experienced groups we recommend 3-8.

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