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The Dimension Gate

The Dimension Gate

Group Size 2-4 | Difficulty Level: Players Choice |

Price: $27.50 Per Person | Time Limit: 60 min.

A new invention has been developed by Dr. X that he calls, "The Dimension Gate". His lab assistants have noticed that anyone who enters it for an extended period of time, do not come back out themselves. Dr. X will be busy for the next 60 minutes running an experiment. Can you sneak in and uncover the truth behind the gate?

Unique Features

We only used Electro-Magnetic Locks (No physical combination locks!)

Scalable Difficulty level that the players can change on the fly.

Personal survey taken before the game to personalize the experience.

FAQ for The Dimension Gate

Do I need to play the other games first?

There is no pre-requisite to play the other games. They are independent stories that link to Dr. X in some way

Who should play this?
This game was built for everyone. Beginners and Experts alike!

Is this game too hard?
You can choose the difficulty of this game. As of now you can choose "Easier" or "Harder"

How many people should I bring?
Beginners we recommend a group size of 2-4. 
Experienced groups we recommend 2-3.

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